Corvette Lovers: Chevrolet is Offering $2000 This May

Chevrolet is a company that understands just how important the public is to their business. Not many companies understand that it is the people who help them stay alive, which could explain why Chevrolet is offering 2,000 dollars to certain Chevrolet car owners. Needless to say, this news got the attention of many people.


Corvette Owners are in the Green

Chevrolet has always been a company that prides itself on being a leader in the industry. One of the cars that Chevrolet introduced back in 1953 was the Chevrolet Corvette. The car used to be called Vette by some, but the vehicle did not achieve the fame that it now has. It took a few models and years to finally garner up enough support, which explains why there were not many cars made when it was first introduced.

But there are definitely a lot of Corvettes made now, and Chevrolet wants those who love the design and purchase the car to get a gift of 2,000 dollars. The offer is being given to people by GM for the month of May only.

Keep in mind that it only applies to the following vehicles:

  • All the base models
  • Every Z51 model

The deal does not include the very coveted bonkers Z06 models. This still leaves a lot of beautiful cars that are eligible for the gift. The extra cash could be put into the vehicle’s payments or whatever else the awarded might want.


A Closer Look at This Offer

A Corvette owner does not need to trade in a Corvette to get the prize, and more than one person can be eligible for the award. GM is requesting that clients go to their nearest dealer, and ask about the Corvette Loyalty Program.

It is anticipated that many people will take the offer, which means many more Corvettes will be on the streets. GM hopes to inject some excitement regarding their new model and hope to expand awareness, as if there was not enough already. But that is what makes GM and Corvettes special. It is the desire to be better than before and to reach for higher recognition.

But the gifts do not end there because the deal can be combined with other discounts. This is another piece of news that a lot of Corvette lovers were excited about. All college, military and educator discounts can be added to this particular award. The promotion does end on the 31st of May, 2016. But those who do take advantage of the offer have the potential of saving thousands of dollars.

Those who own a non-GM car or truck built after 1999 can save $1,000 through the “Conquest Bonus.” This is a program that GM started to beat other performance vehicles, which has proved to be quite successful. There are a lot of ways to take advantage of this offer, as long as it is taken advantage of.

The only thing left to do is choose a model, color, and a few extras, like if you want leather seats. All savvy Corvette owners–after a few papers are signed and cash is saved–will be ready to take on the road.