2019 Mid-Engine Chevy Corvette

One of the most classic, iconic cars in America is taking a drastic turn. This drastic turn though, isn’t for the worse. And while most of the information about the Chevy’s new Corvette is under speculation, one thing is for sure. Enthusiasts and fans cannot wait! Since 1955 when GM put an eight-cylinder engine into the Corvette, this appears to be the most important change in over 60 years.


The C8 engine, codenamed “Emperor”, will arrive in 2018 as a 2019 model and is said to start anywhere from $80,000 to $100,000. This a hefty price tag, but the quality will allow this Corvette model to compete with a completely different range of supercars. Going to a mid-engine layout is a drastic departure from its 60-year history. This new C8 “Emperor” engine will replace the classic C7 engine and as the leaked spy photos suggest, has officially started undergoing developmental testing at GM’s testing track.


There aren’t too many solid facts about the new mid-engine, as the company is doing its best to keep it hush-hush. A few facts however, and some spy photos have been recently leaked and of course, this is leading to the hype. Here’s what we know so far:


  • The photos suggest the use of an ultralight body that differs from the classic look of the Corvette. It will have to look different because of the new placement of the engine. Now the cabin if farther forward and the rear section is longer.
  • Because of the mid-engine, weight distribution will be optimized, resulting in better turn-in and corner capabilities.
  • There is an intense focus on the aerodynamics of this new model and the use of materials like carbon fiber.
  • Speculation suggests that this will either be a twin-turbo V6 or a tradition V8, although some say that the spy photos suggest a V6.
  • One fact that has been verified is that it will have a Tremec-sourced dual-clutch transmission, which will result in a suggested 664 pound-feet of torque. Tremec’s TR-9007 transmission suggests big power coming from the engine, as it can handle 9,000 rpm input speed.

For more on the speculations and spy photos, read these two articles, found here and here.


While most of the information out there is speculation, one thing is certain. The auto world is on pins and needles waiting for the premier of the new C8 “Emperor”. There is no doubt that Chevy will be using the best quality parts made from the best quality manufacturers for this new beauty. Those seeking a car title loan will surely get a pretty penny using this new powerful model as collateral. Finally, Chevy will have something to compete with the supercars made from other companies around the world, although the new Corvette may turn out to be a cheaper alternative without losing any of the speed or luxury. There is even talk about there being a front-engine model and a hybrid model of this new Corvette. Obviously, 2018 cannot come soon enough so we can get a glimpse of the finished product!